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The Social Agent

Get Social & Discover Ways to Grow Your Business

Our revolutionary, best-in-class lead generation system - The Social Agent - will help you build a network, become more visible to potential clients, and connect with others in your industry.

The Social Agent

The Social Agent is a Facebook Group of 28,000 Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals.

See for yourself the success that thousands of agents across the US and Canada have had using our system! You can see live reviews and talk to thousands of our clients in our Facebook Group! The Social Agent.

Increase your conversions and closings by letting us do the work, featuring the best of The Social Agent and Smart Alto!

Live Training Sessions

Take Your Business to Another Level with Live Training

We're here for you with live training sessions from our founders. Log onto the online training session and get a chance to ask any question you want, live! We'll give you detailed answers, advice, and more to help you succeed.

Live Training

You've got questions and we've got answers. Selling real estate is challenging, but that's why we're here! We've been there, just like you, and we've discovered what works best.

In our Live Training sessions, you'll have access to an online group conference that's happening in real time. You have the opportunity to ask any real estate questions you have, and we'll give you honest answers.

Plus, connect with others in the industry and share your successes.

Exclusive Videos

Get Insider Secrets & Tips with Exclusive Videos

We've spent years refining our process of generating leads and making sales - and we want to share it with you! Access our entire video collection and see for yourself how to grow your business.

Videos Coming soon...


Find Answers to Your Most Asked Questions

Have a question you want to ask us? You may find the answer in our Frequently Asked Questions section. Browse through common questions regarding our Lead Generation and Follow Up system to find your answers.

How does our system work?

There are different options available so the details will vary but the commonality across all packages is :

  • We generate a guaranteed minimum number of leads, meaning valid name, email, telephone etc. We do not cap your ability to get leads beyond the minimum guarantee.
  • The price includes follow-up by real live human beings.
  • The ad spend is also included.
  • Necessary scripts and long term follow-up campaigns.
  • Active management of the ads.
  • Bi-weekly live trainings on best practices, scripts etc.

Are the leads exclusive?

YES! The leads and custom ads are exclusive to you. We never share or sell that information. You can be assured you are the only Realtor calling your leads.

What is considered an appointment?

When a lead is engaging and answering multiple qualifying questions such as desired location, price range, prequalification status etc., we will send an alert out to you via text and email to alert you to contact that lead.

What type of ads do they run/why can't I see them?

The ads we run are proprietary, they are part of our secret sauce! Not to worry though, that is why we include a lead count guarantee so you can see our results. The theme of the ads are always a list of homes in the lead’s area. We do not run credit repair ads or first time homebuyer ads. While they do get a huge volume of responses, we try to focus on quality first.

Are the ads branded to me?

No. In our research we found that branded ads work great once a client knows you. However, when advertising to the general public, people really just want the information they seek and respond best to a generic ad. With that being said, the moment they click on the ad they will receive a message branded to you.

Is my area exclusive?

While we strive to avoid overlap as much as possible, there is a chance that it will occur. Nevertheless, remember that the ads are always exclusive to you and the same with the leads. They are not shared or disbursed to anyone else. Additionally, we will never punish you for our success! If it turns out to be a high demand area and we have two or three Realtors in that area, it will enable us to create more leads at lower cost on average. This means you will get MORE leads the more people that are near you. These leads will not be shared with the other Realtors.

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